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Social media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and many other services aren’t just platforms for hanging out and sharing your experiences. For market- ers, they are powerful tools for promoting all kinds of products and services. In fact, almost every social medium has a dedicated platform that marketers use to attract customers and gain leads.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Using social media alone isn’t enough. You need to understand your followers/audience better and maximize the effect of your social media marketing strategy. That’s why many great tools can help you with executing your plan properly. 

They include automation, content management, research tools, scheduling posts, and, most importantly, measuring numbers and extracting valuable data from them. Some social media tools turned out to be quite popular among marketers.

Social Media & Inbound Marketing

Social Media & Inbound Marketing

There are two main approaches to social media marketing: passive and active. The active approach revolves around using paid ads and direct marketing tools that will help you find the right audience and promote your products or services.

Inbound marketing is more inclined to the passive approach. It requires providing useful content and building communities around certain interests that are closely related to your businesses. There are various passive strategies that aim to make long-lasting relations with your customers and leads. To run a successful inbound marketing campaign, you need to have a detailed outline of your actions.

Depending on your marketing goal, you don’t have to opt for one or the other. You can create useful content, engage users, and still run paid ads that are more aggressive. It’s up to you to test the best approach and go for the one that works best for your business. After all, social media are an inexhaustible source of user data that can help you understand your target audience better and build your marketing strategy around it.

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Be Prepared for Changes

Have you noticed that social media platforms change rapidly? Only Facebook changed its design several times throughout the last decade. The way it operates is also adjusted from time to time, which affects marketers and their strategies. Therefore, it’s important to follow the latest updates to stay afloat with and adjust your social media marketing strategy accordingly. The social media family also grows larger with the addition of new mediums that offer an innovative way to create and distribute content. TikTok, for example, made many digital marketers think twice about the way they organize their strategies. Sometimes, a shift in strategy is required due to external factors. One of the best examples of this is the Covid-19 pandemic, which caused huge alterations in some industries that needed to re-think their social media strategies on the go. Speaking of changes, they take place all the time in digital marketing. Some of them are directly related to social media, so make sure to check out our post on recent digital marketing trends, as some of them were affected by the recession caused by the pandemic.